New Hogan's Beach Commercial "Nice Bun's"

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I was fortunate enough to another opportunity to produce a commercial with Hulk Hogan.  This time it was an ad geared towards branding Hogan's Beach Tampa.  It is another scandalous, bare-assed, attention grabbing video they we hope will get people talking about the Bar / restaurant in Tampa, Florida.  Featuring Hulkamania and Jimmy hart.  We got Hulksters approval to launch the video the day before he returned to the WWE to host Wrestlemania 30. Hope you enjoy!

The Delivery | Lamborghini Veneno

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I got a chance to work on another once in a lifetime project with Steve Chapman and duPont Registry.  We went to Miami beach to be a part of the delivery of the first Lamborghini Veneno delivered to the United States.  The Veneno was 1 of 3 that will ever be produced by Lamborghini, and the ticket was $4,106,000 yes, over 4 million dollars for this italian made masterpiece.   Kris Singh, the man who purchased the hyper-car, was one of the most friendly, down to earth human beings I have ever met and we will be working together again very soon. #thedelivery #dupontregistry #lamborghiniKS

Champagne Champion

Viral video for Hulkster's New Years Eve Masquerade party at Hogans Beach in Tampa.  20 bottles of champagne, 2 good lookin' girls, and 1 Sony NEX FS-700 later.  I filmed the close-ups at 500 frames per second and the wide shots are 250fps.

Hulk Hogan - Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' Parody

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When Hulk Hogan asked me to produce a commercial for a local start up called "Hostamania", the idea of him swingin' bare-ass on a wrecking ball seemed legit. The bad part is my idea guy Luke James and I only had 48 hours from conception of the idea to cameras rolling.

New Tile Commercial (Too Hot For TV!)

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I was recently asked to develop a creative concept / commercial for a local tile warehouse / store in Tampa. This was the original concept we came up with which I thought was a home run. The client however, thought differently. Needless to say we had to reassemble the script and reshoot a [G-rated] version of the ad which will be running on TV starting this month. Thankfully they gave me permission to post my original [X-Rated] cut on YouTube for everyone to see... Im sure they will change their mind very soon. This commercial was filmed on a Canon 5D mark3 using a canon 17-35 L-series lens, glidecam 2000, and some damn good creative & comedic genius.

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Decided to scuba dive the USS Kittiwake off 7 mile beach on Grand Cayman. Found lots of cool rooms deep in the belly of the ship I could never have found free diving. Shot with a Go Pro 3 black edition on a stick, at 2.7k Cineform. Color Grading in Magic bullet.

Spring Breakers and Gucci Guwap

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James Franco is Riff Raff and Selena Gomez is some college hussy who tries to fund her spring break vacation by robbing a restaurant... A few of my friends who worked on this movie said it was going to be awful and I don't doubt that for a second. However, I think it will make tons of money. I myself will be seeing it only because of Gucci.