Hawaiian shirts & shotguns

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Just got home from 9 days of production on a new project in the caribbean. Couldn't have asked for a better crew. Big TINGS to come!

New Land Rover Commercial

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Our latest creation. New spot we produced 2 months ago that was just purchased by Land Rover.
Directed By: Daniel Jones Produced & Co-Directed by: Steven Chapman

Scouting in Nassau

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We just finished our final scout in Nassau, bahamas for the new show. We shot some Ariel B-roll of the island, went on a shark dive, and hung out at the house from 'Into the Blue' ... lots of characters down there. This should be interesting.

Scouting the Cayman Islands

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We've been scouting the Cayman Islands for the past few days for a new TV show.
So far i've dove a 100ft - 22,000ft reef wall, got to surf a fun little reef break, and eat lots of good food.
One more meeting in the morning to wrap up the trip then back to FL to start pre-production.


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Frank Chivas reelin' in a big tarpon in boca grande florida. Shot entirely on a Go-Pro.

Chasing speed-boats under the Skyway in a helicopter

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a little outtake from some speed-boat chase scenes I was shooting a few months ago...

half human half owl

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For those of you who dont know... this kids name is Zack. He is one of the oddest characters i know so i never pass up an opportunity to record his wisdom...

2 Dews

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Bored, cruzin around downtown Miami, shot this random bit...

Aphex Twin - "Window Licker"

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I am posting this only because it has got to be one of my favorite music videos of all time...funny / creepy / disturbing all at the same time.. Chris Cunningham is my idol.


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Shot this little Zippo spot over a period of 2 nights in between shooting a Feature for Warner Bros. The amount of sleep i got was minor to say the least...
DP, Producer - Milan Janicin
Actress - Nikita Austen
Director, Editor - Daniel Jones

Sunglow Surfin

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a couple clips from Daytona a few months back. As soon as shut down the camera Shea did the biggest air reverse of the century! haha

Wake Up

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This is a recent PSA I produced & directed for the Surfrider Foundation Cory & Shea Lopez.

There is a fear that beach goers might be lulled in passivity now that the Louisiana Oil Disaster appears to be behind us. The fact is it is not. Environmentally sensitive members of the SurfRiders Association have combined to send a message to all their Members worldwide that “it’s not over till its over”

Surfrider - "Wake Up" from Daniel Jones on Vimeo.