New Tile Commercial (Too Hot For TV!)

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I was recently asked to develop a creative concept / commercial for a local tile warehouse / store in Tampa. This was the original concept we came up with which I thought was a home run. The client however, thought differently. Needless to say we had to reassemble the script and reshoot a [G-rated] version of the ad which will be running on TV starting this month. Thankfully they gave me permission to post my original [X-Rated] cut on YouTube for everyone to see... Im sure they will change their mind very soon. This commercial was filmed on a Canon 5D mark3 using a canon 17-35 L-series lens, glidecam 2000, and some damn good creative & comedic genius.


Mike Lintro said...

That is actually a very well produced commercial. I am not quite sure why they wouldn't let something like this on TV. There are some commercials that are produced that are a lot more inappropriate than this one. Something like this would just make people laugh. And a commercial that makes people laugh, is a commercial that is going to be remembered. http://www.rowlands.tv/services.php

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