Life: For Sale

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One year ago Ben hired me and my ad agency to do all the media / advertising for his commercial real estate portfolio. Six months later his doctor said he would be lucky to live another five years maintaining his current unhealthy lifestyle. When Ben broke the news to me along with the fact he wanted to sell his entire life, I was inspired to start this project. My team and I have dedicated the last six months of our lives bringing this cause to reality in hopes for Ben to be able to get healthy, spend time with his family, and extend his life. www.lifeforsale.net

New Hogan's Beach Commercial "Nice Bun's"

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I was fortunate enough to another opportunity to produce a commercial with Hulk Hogan.  This time it was an ad geared towards branding Hogan's Beach Tampa.  It is another scandalous, bare-assed, attention grabbing video they we hope will get people talking about the Bar / restaurant in Tampa, Florida.  Featuring Hulkamania and Jimmy hart.  We got Hulksters approval to launch the video the day before he returned to the WWE to host Wrestlemania 30. Hope you enjoy!

The Delivery | Lamborghini Veneno

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I got a chance to work on another once in a lifetime project with Steve Chapman and duPont Registry.  We went to Miami beach to be a part of the delivery of the first Lamborghini Veneno delivered to the United States.  The Veneno was 1 of 3 that will ever be produced by Lamborghini, and the ticket was $4,106,000 yes, over 4 million dollars for this italian made masterpiece.   Kris Singh, the man who purchased the hyper-car, was one of the most friendly, down to earth human beings I have ever met and we will be working together again very soon. #thedelivery #dupontregistry #lamborghiniKS